Swimphony is a digital solution that facilitates the management, delivery, and evaluation of school swimming programmes throughout the UK. Local authorities and leisure operators that utilise Swimphony are able to simplify the delivery of their programme and remove their reliance on paper based records and manual data entry. Pupil attendance and attainment data is captured by Swimming Instructors at poolside using the Swimphony App and synchronised at the end of each lesson so that schools are able to analyse pupil performance in real time. This is school swimming. Simplified.

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The Swimphony Tablet Application provides all of the necessary functions that a swimming instructor requires to maximise pool time, capture attainment data quickly and efficiently, and to deliver their lessons in a safe environment.

Pupil attendance can be captured via the application rapidly from registers uploaded by their school in advance of the lesson, and all attainment data relating to skills, awards and distances can be reviewed and updated at any time.


Each one of our clients is able to create and customise their own skills and award scheme, with individual targets set for each school. The Swimphony tablet application provides an intuitive experience for an instructor to record and view the progress that each pupil makes in relation to the distances that they are able to swim and the swimming skills and awards they acquire over time.
Swimphony provides many organisational and operational tools to swimming instructors in order to maximise the time that they have with pupils and to ensure that their lessons are delivered in a safe environment. Pupils can be placed into customisable groups to ensure that classes can be organised quickly and historic notes are available at the touch of a button to ensure lesson continuity. Instructors are also able to capture baseline data, forecast 25 metre pass rates, manage the swimming aids that pupils require, and refer pupils to swimming clubs and learn to swim programmes.
Swimming instructors can provide an initial baseline assessment of every pupil through the Swimphony application which provides a baseline metric when assessing individual and overall performance of a school swimming programme. This allows us to answer questions such as how many total non swimmers have been able to swim 25 metres unaided by the end of the programme.

In addition Swimphony allows swimming instructors to forecast the likelihood of each pupil being able to swim 25 metres unaided by the end of the school swimming programme. This allows us to ensure that any pupils that are unlikely to be able to swim this distance can be offered support to ensure that they are given the best opportunity to succeed.

Swimphony delivers pupil medical information, English as and additional language and SEND status, swimming aid status, and individual lesson notes on demand in order to support effective and safe lesson delivery for each pupil. All data is encrypted within the tablet, remaining secure even if the tablet is lost.


The Swimphony Web Portal allows programme administrators to control and oversee every aspect of their school swimming programme via a simple and intuitive online interface.

A comprehensive suite of insight reports and data exports are readily available and are updated the instant that participation data captured via the Swimphony Instructor Application is synchronised. Capturing and syncing data in this manner removes the requirement of paper forms and manual data entry entirely.


Swimphony removes the requirement for paper based registers and performance tracking forms completely. Swimming instructors deliver their lessons by capturing data relating to attendance and attainment before synchronising the data with the Swimphony database securely at the end of the lesson. This information is available immediately to you so that you can monitor performance, identify areas of concern and generate insight reports to significantly improve your school swimming programme. 

Swimphony offers full control over every element of school swimming programme delivery. Create, manage and monitor schools, swimming instructors, pool timetables, leisure operators, targets and much, much more. 

Swimphony provides access to a secure online web portal that allows every school to view the real time attendance and performance data for their whole school, each individual class, and each individual pupil within those classes. Using these reports, every school can ascertain the percentage and number of pupils that have swam each distance, completed each swimming award, and even compare their overall performance to the average for other schools in their geographical ward, or make a direct comparison with any other school. All of these reports can be filtered further to understand how gender, ethnicity, age, SEND status, and attendance impacts on performance outcomes.

Swimphony is web based, which means that it can be implemented by any local authority within a couple of hours and our experienced and knowledgeable team are on hand to help you every step of the way. What’s more, as the system is web based, you can access your Swimphony account from anywhere you have access to the internet. 

With over 140 schools swimming each week across the City, Swimphony allows me to manage all aspects of our programme in real time, identifying any issues quickly and actively supporting our targets against curricular outcomes. Schools can track their performance and all data is backed up and ready to be analysed, instead of sitting on clipboards at the pools.

Lindsay Rice. Manchester City Council


If you would like to find out more information regarding Swimphony or arrange a trial, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be delighted to hear from you.